Scarless Laparoscopic Surgery (SLS)


      Also known as Single Incision Laparoscopic Surgery (SILS)


      Performed through only a single incision in the umbilicus              (belly button) using specialised laparoscopic equipment


      The wound is closed with monocryl absorbable 

      subcuticular sutures and do not require removal


      Following surgery, as the incision is hidden within the                     umbilicus, after the wound heals, there are no visible scars



"  Through Scarless Laparscopic Surgery, any possibility of 

infection is now limited to one incision site rather than four sites. 


This results in less risk of wound complications, reduced

post surgery pain and shorter recovery time.


With the bonus of not having any visible surgical scars, it's no wonder 

more patients are choosing Scarless Laparoscopic Surgery. "


- Dr. Ravishankar K. Didappur



Our Specialist Clinic Locations


Acute Appendicitis


His kidney function was also low with a creatinine of 498.

He was in septic shock. What previous doctors,he consulted, thought was stomach flu turned out to be something worst. His appendix had ruptured and his organs were all infected. Your accurate diagnosis of his condition and immediate surgery after that plus your close monitoring and care for him post operation saved his life. "


Ms. Lim Wen Chye

February 24, 2012

Singapore Scarless Laparoscopic Surgery 


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Being one of the only Specialists in Singapore to offer Scarless Laparoscopic Surgery, and having highly likely pioneered the procedure in 

Appendectomy in South East Asia, 

Dr. Ravishankar K. Didappur continues to maintain the highest sucess rate in offering SLS for the following list of procedures:






  • Hernia Surgeries

    • ​Inguinal (Groin)

    • Umbilical (Belly button)

    • Ventral (Incisional)



  • Small Bowel Resection

    • Strictures of Small Bowel

    • Small Bowel Adhesions causing Intestine Obstruction



Kindly enquire regarding other procedures

Colon Cancer


On 29 Oct 2011, I had an attack of a bleeding colon cancer. I just thank my God for being in Singapore at that time! Less than 3 hours it took to diagnose and make a treatment plan. 2 days later Dr Ravi made the surgery and 4 days later again I was home feeling well. That is amazing! "


Dr. Bjorn Anderson

November 2011

Liver & Colon Cancer


I was diagnosed with stage 4 liver & colon cancer in 2008. The seriousness of my illness caused much distress amongst my family members & left me feeling most disheartened. Chances of recovery for stage 4 liver cancer is deemed to be low. I was preparing myself for the worst. Yet Dr Ravi never ceased to encourage me, pushing me on to fight, to hope, to recover. My liver operation turned out to be a success, & 7 years since I have been on remission & healthy under Dr Ravi's care. "


Jimmy Chua

Circa 2010

Specialist Surgery Singapore Pte. Ltd.


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Scarless Single Incision Laparoscopy

Technique of incision and port insertion